Equine Assisted Learning

My Time my Space Equine assisted learning

Interact and learn from our intuitive intelligent horses

People who have suffered life changing or challenging experiences can benefit from working with horses, finding comfort, gaining confidence, improving communication skills or simply enjoying re-connecting with Nature.

Horses come in all shapes and sizes, with different personalities and needs, understanding  their behaviours helps us identify and understand our own needs and emotions.

Learning their non verbal language and way of communicating can help our communication skills

The Benefits of Horses as a Therapeutic Intervention

Here and now feedback to clients on how they behave in the present moment

Enabling clients to become more aware of their body-mind connection

Horses serve as “non-judgemental mirrors”

helping clients to learn about themselves and their energy.

 Positive & productive work takes place with a horse as clients learn to tune in and balance their own emotions.

Horses are large, imposing animals who live in the present moment

Horses and Humans are Social Animals, with defined roles, distinct personalities, moods and attitudes.What works with one will not necessarily work with another. 

Horses need caring for, this requires discipline, structure and responsibility.

Research shows positive physical and psychological results from humans interacting with horses, Decreased blood pressure and heart rate, lower levels of stress, reduced feelings of tension, anxiety and anger as well as increased levels of beta-endorphins, and beneficial feelings of self-esteem, empowerment, patience and trust.

The Therapeutic power of horses creates  understanding & Empathy providing a new perception, improving our emotional & Physical wellbeing

My Time My Space Equine assisted programmes harness the therapeutic power of horses empowering clients to overcome fears and life difficulties,providing  opportunities to learn about managing  emotions and discover underlying issues in a safe yet challenging environment

We support our clients to rediscover self esteem whilst exploring any underlying issues through the power of interaction with our horses.

We enable clients to fulfil their potential as active members of society, facilitated by building nurturing and supportive partnerships with our horses.

We have personal as well as professional experience of how the power of a relationship with horses can make a real difference to our lives. Using the power of this relationship we facilitate an understanding and empathy that is harnessed to empower our clients to lead fulfilling, meaningful lives.

Building relationships with our horses supports the emotional, psychological and physical recovery of our clients. 

Our inclusive approach within a safe, nurturing environment enables clients to create a positive ‘can do’ attitude and outlook.

Natural horsemanship for children

We are delighted to offer equestrian activities for children, aided by our pony Ted.

During these sessions, children build a relationship when handling Ted in order to earn the animal’s respect and trust. In the process, they gain self-confidence and assertiveness. Children are taught how to halter, groom, lead and handle the ponies from the ground. Please note that riding is not  involved in these sessions. There will also be games, team work and plenty of fun!

Session are about 60 minutes (or longer, depending on number of children involved) and must be booked at least one day in advance.

Note that while our ponies are safe and well used to children, they are not riding school ponies in the conventional sense, and these sessions are not conventional riding lessons.

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