Counselling & Psychotherapy

Life, work relationships and the experiences we encounter can sometimes overwhelm us causing us to feel anxious, stressed, depressed or unable to cope.

At times like this it can be helpful to find the time and space to explore and overcome our difficulties.

Nature can create a calming environment away from the hustle and bustle of daily life where you can take the time to reflect on your important issues, I provide two therapy rooms in either Bexhill or Catsfield (Nr Battle) that have been carefully selected  with this in mind. The Bexhill practice is located on the seafront, it provides tranquility  and gives clients a backdrop of space looking out to sea, The Catsfield practice is rustic and soothing, nestled on the Historic Normanhurst Estate, surrounded by the Beautiful Sussex countryside allowing clients to experience the calming effects of nature, I hope the facilities I provide give you an opportunity to choose a space to best suit your needs.

I believe effective therapy is created by building a therapeutic alliance between client and counsellor I will work in partnership with you to address the issues that brought you to counselling, tailoring the therapy I provide to meet your individual needs.

I offer a range of therapies, Counselling, Equine facilitated therapy,Art therapy

 and Emotional freedom technique(EFT) I work creatively teaching tools such as Breathing techniques, Progressive Muscle relaxation and mindfulness to help cope with physical symptoms.

I endeavour to deliver the best possible service to you at all times, I appreciate each person has different needs regardless of diagnosis and will require a therapy tailored to them.

I am a Humanistic Counsellor and believe that all people have the capability within them to grow and develop if the circumstances are right.

I adhere to best practice principles and follow the code of ethics and practice as laid out in the BACP ethical framework

I will explain to you everything I can about your situation and circumstances of your presentation, working with you to develop a plan of therapy.

This might include how often you need to come, the relevance of medication, your diagnosis, your goals, skill acquisition, changes in the way you think behave and communicate and any other factors.