Workshops & Retreats

Introduction to mindfulness

Learn mindfulness through equines and nature. A course that blends insights of mindfulness and meditations with an understanding of equine and nature to enable clients to slow the pace, calm, soothe and restore natural balance

Our course will enable you to slow the pace down, teach you how to appreciate the present moment, provide you with techniques to ease stress, calm, sooth and restore your natural balance.

Join us at My Time, My Space, in the heart of the idyllic Sussex countryside, where our horses and the beauty of nature will show you how to slow the pace, live in the present moment and offer you the opportunity to appreciate and enhance your life

  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Introduction to language of the horse
  • Appreciating nature

Discover your inner-self

Following on from our introduction to mindfulness, or for those wanting to reach a bit deeper, we invite you to explore the magic of your inner self. Using a combination of mindfulness, journaling, intuition workshops and learning about the energy within us and how to harness it best to create change and new perspectives, this course will guide you on a full discovery of self

  • Equine Facilitated Learning
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Journaling
  • Energy and Intuition workshop

The Energy Cleanse  

Myself and energy healer/coach and clinical hypnotherapist Rachel Roberts are combing forces to bring you this magical day retreat, focusing on releasing energy and emotions that have been holding you back.

Settling into the peacefulness of our woodland, we will aim to bring you home to yourself.

Starting your day with a beautiful walk through the woods and a deeply grounding meditation, we will start to slow the mind and body to allow you to tune into the inner being.

We will explore areas of your inner self through journaling, assist you to tune in to what YOU truly desire with a workshop on intuition, and help you release stagnant energy through the use of fire rituals, smudging and EFT.

You will have plenty of time to just ‘be’ and we encourage periods of sitting in silence, to allow you to really listen to yourself.

Throughout the day, you will all be invited to a very special 1:1 smudging, using Palo Santo and Sage. Smudging is the use of sacred plant medicine to bring or clear energy into a space or person using the combined elemental energies of fire (flame), earth (plant), and air (smoke). Palo Santo is also used for calming the immune and nervous system

  • Energy cleansing/smudging
  • Fire ritual for release
  • EFT
  • Meditation/mindfulness
  • Dropping back into nature – silent space
  • Journaling
  • Intuition and energy workshop

Managing emotions

For anyone struggling to manage their emotions this course teaches tools and techniques that allow us to understand and manage our emotions. We use our horses and nature to assist this process.

This course consists of two-hour sessions over six weeks

  • Breathing and grounding techniques
  • Mindfulness
  • The fight or flight response
  • Understand how to work with energy, through observation and work with the horses
  • Equine Assisted Learning to give you the tools to use in day to day life and discover a bit more about your self